Various Styles of Men's T-Shirts

posted 22 Oct by Garvin Cross

The earliest t-shirt was presented by a white crewneck and all people used to wear the same design of such a t-shirt. But nowadays, a t-shirt has experienced great changes not only in its color spectrum but also in style and design. Today, we can see that its fashion changes every season giving people an excellent opportunity to choose from a great variety of different t-shirts. In the modern life, men's t-shirts may have different colors, cuts, shape of a neckline, and certainly design. In the last several years men's t-shirts have been subjected to constantly changing trends some of which are given further.

Today, designer t-shirts are extremely popular suggesting their customers the latest designs significantly adding to their style. Especially screen printed tee-shirts have become in high demand lately. Almost each clothing website offers excellent designer t-shirts today.

Another type of t-shirts is the polo t-shirt that was at first worn mainly by golfers and tennis players. That's why these t-shirts are called polo shirts and tennis shirts. As a rule, such pieces of clothing are produced from knitted cotton in comparison with a great number of t-shirts produced from woven cotton.

You can also find statement t-shirts which are highly appreciated by young people mostly. These are men's t-shirts that make the world go crazy during the last ten years. There's probably no person who wouldn't pay attention to a man walking in the street and wearing a statement t-shirt. It may be a t-shirt with some impressive phrase on the front or on the back or even on both sides. Generally, statement t-shirts can be humorous, silly or even disgusting and offensive. The statements can also be political, serious, or of a social character.

Band t-shirts are more popular among fans of different music bands and have been in vogue for decades of years already. These are young guys who like wearing t-shirts depicting the images of their favourite bands or just some slogans about them.

Earlier it was possible to find a great variety of different necklines only among women's t-shirts, but nowadays men's t-shirts can also have various designs of necklines. The round crewneck is considered to be a classic variant while the second popular neckline for men's t-shirts is the v-neck.

More seldom one can find men's t-shirts advertising TV shows or depicting bands, retro graphics, and other nostalgic items from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Those are retro t-shirts which have come back to fashion lately. Collared t-shirts, often having contrasting colors and hems, are called ringer t-shirts. The mankind has experienced a resurgence of this kind of t-shirts.

If you're looking for a good t-shirt for summer it's better to choose the one made of woven cotton as it will make you cool. As for polo t-shirts produced from knitted cotton will add weight to you visually. Besides they are rather warm, thus recommended to be worn underneath sweaters in winter.

So, with such a great choice of men's t-shirts choose the ones which will perfectly meet your needs and interests!