Is Installing Metal Roofing Worth Your Money?

posted 11 July by Garvin Cross

Many people wish to install metal roofing on their houses as this type of roofing offers a number of advantages, but they are not sure if their money won't be spent in vain in this case. It's true, however, to claim that installing metal roofing can make your house look richer and more exquisite. Besides, this type of roofing proves to be very efficient for homes located in the areas where winters are characterized by heavy snows and frost.

There's a well-known roofing company situated in Southern Maine, and this company receives a great number of telephone calls. People are asking to estimate metal and steel roofs, more Well, this roofing company deals with roofing and everything connected with it for more than twenty-five years already and its workers have completed thousands of metal roofing projects and asphalt shingle works. During this period of time, there has been an increase for metal and steel roofs. Most of the homeowners who have decided to install this type of roofing on their houses were looking for the products that would help them to protect their home from leaks and ice dams. The problem of ice dams is especially acute for people living in Maine. But let's describe what the ice dam is in the next example.

After a snow storm occurs in Maine, the snow starts melting the next day already due to the rise of temperature and the warmth of the sun rays. But during the day the temperature falls again and as a result the water that was created during the warm day freezes on the roofs of people's houses. As a consequence, a thick layer of ice is created during several of such days along the eve and on the roof. But the worst thing in all this process is the water that starts working up under the shingles. Unfortunately, this water gets inside the house very quickly if the protection isn't enough. Most of people do nothing but shovel their roofs. And the roofing company located in Maine also offers the service of shoveling the roofs. In fact it shovels hundreds of roofs during winter months for their customers with the help of special roof maintenance programs. But shoveling the roofs wasn't enough for many homeowners, so they started demanding more efficient solutions to the described problems. Thus, the company started researching other possible forms of special systems designed for de-icing.

The workers of the company have acknowledged several effective products in the fight against ice dams. Their main incentive consists in assisting these dams to melt from the overhangs and eves and to go down in proper ways. One of the most promising such products is a self-regulating heat cable. It is channeled into a specially designed aluminum panel which is meant for maximum temperature transfer. Every such panel is powder-coated with a high quality finish that can have any color you wish to fit the color spectrum of your house in general. In fact, there's a wide range colors for you to choose from. This system needs to be attached to the roof along the eaves and in valleys, the areas where snow accumulates in the greatest amounts. Then this system eliminates the gathered snow and ice and consequently keeps your home much safer and drier. So, this new system can significantly reduce the risk of leaks and further damage of the roof and ceilings in your house.

Probably due to the growing popularity of metal roofing during the last several years, the price for this type of roofing has risen drastically as well. Another reason for this process is the high cost of installation works, and of course this depends on the level of interior water damage that was caused by the accumulation of ice and snow. However, before starting any works, the homeowner should be informed of the cost of installing metal roofing. After that, the cost of replacing a ceiling is also included to the initial sum. Ceiling replacement includes removal of the wet insulation and its replacement, as well as repaint of the room with the paint that can resist damp and water.

Summing up it's necessary to admit that even if you've already installed new roofing on your house but you can sometimes see small leaks it means that you've faced the problem of ice dams. But don't panic, there're many roofing companies which are ready to help you any minute. In reality, there's a great number of methods and ways of fighting against ice dams. But still, there're some basic pieces of advice for you to follow. First of all, insulate your home with appropriate ventilation that can effectively pull air from the eves and the ridge of the roof. This will protect your house from ice dams. But many specialists in this sphere are sure that installing metal roofing is an excellent way to prevent ice dams, so don't be afraid of spending much money on installing this type of roofing on your house. You can even start your own roofing business.