Braque Francais Temperament and Lifespan

posted 26 Aug by Garvin Cross

This is a breed of hunting sporting dogs, known in France since the XVII century. First, there was a single type of Braque Francais, which was later divided into two types: Pyrenean and Gascon. "Gascon" is inherent in the nature of a pleasant pets, and sensitivity to harsh training methods. With such a great assistant, you must be friends - it's easy, because of its friendly and docile nature.

This rare breed was saved from extinction at the turn of the century by the local dog breeders, but its members are still few in number. These skilled hunters of birds and small game, as well as other pointers, descended from Spanish and Italian Pointing Dogs. In turn, they became the ancestors of many of today's continental pointers, source The name of this breed was the place of removal - the southern province of Gascony. Its main difference from the Pyrenean type is their heavier physique. The lifespan is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Braque Francais Cost and Price Range

All rare dogs cost not cheap. Braque Francais is one of such breeds. There is not much information about the places you can buy it. But still the average price for the puppy is about $500-$800 depending on the dog's quality and the breeder.

Braque Francais Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Braque Francais is a slim dog with the deep chest and the picked up stomach. This dog has a wide rectangular face - shorter than the cranial part of the head. Slanted brown eyes, a large nose and pendulous ears of the medium length. Strong limbs are completed with the rounded legs and tightly assembled fingers. The body covers short thick hair, painted in white and brown tones. There are dogs of the solid brown color with large brown spots on a white background and with a brown tint of white wool. As for the weight of this breed, then usually the weight ranges from 17 to 25. And their height is from 47 to 58.

Braque Francais Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

In general, the representatives of this ancient breed tend to have a good health. Seldom there are problems with the eyes, musculoskeletal system and the heart. Traditional disease of large active dogs is hip dysplasia, in disrepair without treatment can lead to a total immobilization of a pet.

It is not necessary to limit the active hunting dog with the confined space of a city apartment. It is advisable to wind up in a private house with its own territory.

It's short hair will not cause you difficulties in care. Do not forget about the standard brush and comb paying more attention to this procedure during the molting period. Then the cover of your pet will look nice.